CSPC Short and Long Term Goals

Short-Term Goals

Short term goals to be accomplished in the next calendar year.

  1. Constantly Improve
    • Collect data (set baselines).
    • Develop a form for equipment review and evaluation in concert with the UC Simulation Consortium.
    • Identify and reach out to other simulation centers.
  2. Maximize profitability
    • Review the RUHS Internal Medicine agreement and terms.
    • Review and streamline the “invoice mechanism.”
    • Consider marketing opportunities.
  3. Increase student involvement
    • Draft evaluation questions for MS1s and MS2s.
    • Communicate our willingness to help.
    • Design a standardized patient selective for the students to use.
  4. Standardize all clinical “product(s)” we deliver.
    • Collect data to leverage the success of Patient Instructors.
    • Mandatory faculty development for consistency in clinical skills instruction.
    • Revise and update clinical skills instructional videos.
  5. Maximize profitability
  6. Initiate a conversation that brings clinical skills performance to 35% of the students’ grade while ensuring that, though available, the learner does not want to be remediated.

Long Term Goals

Our organizational goals for the next three-to-five years include:

  1. Constantly improve. We will accomplish this by:
    •  Self-evaluation, evaluation by other team members, and evaluation by learners (students & instructors).
    • Equipment check to ensure the equipment is functional and up-to-date.
    • Research, review and test new equipment and technologies.
    • Investigate new techniques.
    • Examine new practices.
    • Constantly review our current practices.
    • Partner with other simulation centers.
  2. Maximize profitability. We will accomplish this by:
    • Explore changing our current agreement with Riverside University Health Systems.
    • Minimize expenditures by utilizing internal resources.
    • Begin creating the framework for a marketing plan.
    • Search for donations (integrate this into the marketing plan).
    • Minimize waste.
    • Develop UC Sim Consortium material group purchasing.
  3. Increase student involvement. We will accomplish this by:
    • Student evaluations of our “product(s).”
    • Provide regular optional improvement workshops.
  4. Standardize all clinical “product(s)” we deliver. We will accomplish this by:
    • Standardize performance in –
    1. Instruction
    2. Skills
    3. Tasks
    • Standardize processes in –
    1. Instruction
    2. Materials acquisition
    3. Purchasing
    4. Recruitment; and,
  5. Improve the importance and “graded weight” of clinical skills.