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About the Center for Simulated Patient Care


CSPC serves the professional and local communities as a focal point for research and development of new simulation techniques for medical education. Collaborative research projects – involving faculty and students from the School of Medicine in collaboration with researchers at other UC and UC Riverside schools and departments – particularly in fields such as biomedical engineering and allied health sciences, media arts and design, and information sciences and technology are encouraged to collaborate in the design and development of new, leading-edge technologies and training methods for simulation in clinical care.

"The mission of the Center for Simulated Patient Care Team is to enhance the educational experience of our learners with innovation in simulation."

Training Through the CSPC

The CSPC at the UCR School of Medicine maintains a focus on clinical training and research and contributes directly to improving the quality of healthcare delivery, through specially crafted programs designed to:

  • Increase objectivity in the measurement of clinical training;
  • Create and utilize innovative lifelike task and patient simulators including standardized patients, mechanical patients, virtual and augmented reality;
  • Participate in the develop standardization of clinical guidelines and standards for medical simulator use in the educational and professional medical vocation;
  • Enhance and improve clinical competence among current and future physicians;
  • Improve patient care at hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities;
  • Advance patient evaluation and management utilizing telemedicine; and,
  • Cultivate and nurture overall patient safety and practitioner safety and competence.