standardized patients practicing prior to a doctoring course

Becoming a Standardized Patient


Standardized patients (SPs) are individuals who have been trained to accurately portray a medical patient and participate in a simulated office visit where student doctors interact with them, ask questions, and/or conduct a basic physical exam.

No acting experience nor previous experience as a standardized patient is required, but personal dependability, basic computer knowledge and internet access are essential. Individuals must be able to consistently recall the script and background of the patient you are portraying.

Standardized patients opportunities are offered Monday through Friday, with hours varying depending on the job and program requirements. Training is conducted prior to all encounters and jobs are offered based on experience and demographics of the case/exam being performed.

Pay for standardized patients is $20 per hour with a two-hour-minimum commitment.

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Physical Requirements

  • Must be willing to wear a hospital gown with only undergarments underneath, while on camera and/or observed live through an observation window or video monitor.
  • Potentially awkward and/or uncomfortable performance of physical examination manoeuvres will be experienced by the SP when examinees perform the physical portion of the exam.
  • Comfort with a physical examination of SP’s entire body by medical students and -or physicians is required with exception of rectal, pelvic, genital, female breast and corneal reflex examinations.
  • A physical examination or assessment by the medical supervisor may be required as part of being hired for the job and SP’s must be willing to have periodic reassessments during the time employed as an SP.
  • No physical health conditions, which may contradict the assigned case, may exist during employment as an SP, for specific cases.
  • Standing, sitting, bending, walking, reaching and lifting are required for this position.

Work Environment

  • Must remain throughout entire work shift in a simulated clinical setting within a secure office setting.

Skills and Abilities

  • Must be able to portray a person other than him or herself effectively and consistently in a standardized way.
  • Must be comfortable having repeated physical examination maneuvers performed on self.
  • Must be objective when interacting with and rating examinees of all backgrounds.
  • Must have strong reading and writing skills to absorb and use the detailed case training and exam procedural information.
  • Must have excellent recall in order to rate the examinees.
  • Must be responsible about keeping track of scheduled work days.
  • Must be responsible for bringing all case related materials to training.
  • Must be reliable in following rules and procedures for the exam.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills when interacting with other employees.
  • Must have comfort with own personal health, so that it does not interfere with the patient being portrayed.
  • Must be open to continual retraining regarding portrayal and ratings.
  • Must be able to use a simple computer program, mainly involving clicking the “mouse.”
  • Must have internet access for email and delivery of case materials and training.
  • Must check emails regularly for any job changes in schedule.
  • Must be willing to work a varied schedule due to a potential 6-day per week, schedule of exams for a.m. and p.m. shifts.
  • Must be prepared to do “Homework” print, study and learn case before day of training and come prepared to training.