Doctor and medical student looking at a slide during ocular exam lesson

Simulation Center Resources


The UCR Center for Simulated Patient Care has a variety of equipment, simulators and task trainers available, enabling you to customize your training. The only limit is your imagination.

 Our Equipment

  • Three code carts with Zoll Monitors (two M Series, one R Series)
  • Six pedestal-mounted ultrasound machines, three probes each
  • Two pedestal-mounted SonoSim units
  • One Storz video laryngoscope
  • One twin-probe GE VScan Handheld ultrasound unit


  • Two simulation suites
  • One virtual reality suite
  • Four Laerdal human patient simulators (three adult essential, one adult 3G)
  • One Gaumard Noelle birthing mannequin
  • One Cardionics SAM II auscultation torso

Task Trainers

  • Eight intravenous catheterization/phlebotomy arms
  • Three airway trainers (Laerdal and Gaumard)
  • Two central line trainers (ultrasound-guided and manual placement)
  • Childbirth trainers (Laerdal Task Trainer, Laerdal “Mama Natalie” Standardized Patient-Worn Hybrid Task Trainer)
  • Twelve adult Prestan CPR trainers
  • Twelve infant Prestan CPR trainers
  • Two Kyoto eye exam trainers
  • Injection instruction & training (subcutaneous, intramuscular, IVP medications)
  • Lumbar puncture trainers (ultrasound-guided and manual placement)
  • Paracentesis trainers (Ultrasound-guided and manual placement)
  • Thoracentesis trainers (Ultrasound-guided and manual placement)

Moulage Capabilities

Simulation and scenario design services according to your learning objectives.